Financial Information

The purpose and vision of My Father’s House Bible Center is an extension of what Calvary Chapel Bible College began in 1975, when Pastor Chuck Smith started to teach the Word of God simply for people ‘To Know God and to Equip His Servants’.

As a result, young men and women lives were transformed through hearing and practically applying the Word of God to their daily life. In continuing this vision, the leadership at MFHBC strive to teach the Word simply and the tuition affordable to allow more the opportunity to grow and be equipped to serve the Lord.

MFHBC does not participate in government funded tuition assistance, aid, grants, or loans. Part of the stewardship practice is to keep the tuition affordable so that students can complete their course of study debt free. To accomplish this, most students pay their tuition in full before they actually arrive and register for classes, using one of our three Pre-Entrance Payment options:

1) Payment in full, on or before due dates.
2) Payment made in two installments (initial deposit and remaining balance), on or before due dates.
3) Payment made in four installments (initial, and three scheduled payment dates).

* Contact us for details.

If you need further assistance, we do on a limited case-by-case basis; our office may be of some assistance with a creative short-term payment plan.

It is our desire that as every student completes their course of study at My Father’s House Bible Center, they leave with no indebtedness, and free to serve in whatever capacity the Lord is calling them to in keeping with the great commission, “… to go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded…” Matthew 28:19-20

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