Classes for Fall 2019

Join us now as the new semester opens with Two of these Old Testament books:


Exodus is foundational to an understanding of the Old Testament. This class is an exegetical study of the book with added emphasis on the authorship of the Pentateuch, the Passover feast, the role of the law in the life of a New Testament believer and the history of the Near East at the time of the Exodus.

A thorough, expository study of Deuteronomy, its original meaning, and current significance. Discussion on different issues are important for the study of the book are covered. These include authorship, structure, date, ethics, and theology of the book.

It is important to look at Deuteronomy’s relationship to the rest of the Bible as an important chapter in God’s story, as one pays special attention to Jesus’ use of Deuteronomy in His understanding of His identity and specific mission.

This class is a verse-by-verse study through the book. As we look at Joshua (a type of Christ), leading the Israelites into the Promised Land, contrasted to Moses (type of the law) had been unable to do. The application to a Christian’s life becomes obvious. By exploring the theme of the Promised Land as a picture of the victorious life of faith students will be looking to “see” Jesus as we study this Old Testament book.

This class aims to bring transformation to the student through a verse-by-verse study of Jeremiah and Lamentations; it is designed to impart exegetical understanding leading to a Christ-focused passion through the text, for His glory.

Special emphasis is placed on the relevance of these books for the contemporary Christian.

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