Christian Ministry

Christian Community Service
This course is a “hands on” servant-hood class in which students serve practically in the community sharing the love of Jesus, not only in word but in deed. Students serve at their home church, senior citizen centers, juvenile halls, the Boys’and Girls’ Club, and various other locations and organizations in the local community.

Practical Christian Ministry *
Required for on-campus students to serve in various tasks on campus alongside fellow students and staff, applying the practical aspects of Christianity and servanthood as they learn to follow Christ.

Four semesters of Practical Christian Ministry are required for graduation. Note—off-campus students may enroll in Practical Christian Ministry for 1 credit and serve for four hours a week on campus or at their home church under a pastor’s supervision.

Children’s Ministry
This class will consider the biblical basis for having a Children’s Ministry, discipline issues, teaching the Bible to children, community outreach, Jesus’love for children, games and activities in the classroom, preschool activities, effective storytelling, children’s worship, children’s curriculum, leading a children’s ministry, along with other areas of importance in the children’s ministry classroom.

Prison Ministry
In this class we will learn about the way Jesus Christ is building His Church and how the Church functions, both in the local setting and behind bars. We will also learn how to serve and minister to the body of Christ who are behind bars and gain hands-on experience as we visit those in prison.

This class will focus on the theological and practical elements of mission work. We will study the biblical basis of missions, focusing mainly on the life of Paul in the book of Acts and some of his epistles to learn the principles that ought to be applied practically in our own missionary endeavors.

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