Christian Living

Morning Chapel
In addition to personal time devoted to the LORD, the student body meets in the morning on appointed day/s for a short time of worship and a brief message from various guest speakers, teachers, students, and missionaries.

Community Worship
Each week, the student body gathers together for a time of worship, teaching, and communion. During this time students and staff minister to one another as the Holy Spirit leads.

Marriage Talks
This class is a time of fellowship for couples and singles where subjects concerning the marriage relationship are discussed. We will let Scripture reveal how a Christ-centered marriage is foremost in a covenantal union between a man and a woman.

In this class we will look at the specific prayers of people in the Bible by surveying the subject from Genesis through Revelation. We believe in accordance with Acts 2:42 that prayer is one of the most important activities of a believer. We also believe that Scripture gives ample instruction on the subject of prayer.

Other Christian Living classes

Women’s Discipleship
Disciplines of a Godly Woman
Proverbs 31

Men’s Discipleship

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