Hearts at Home

Where Home is…the Heart!
penned on November 29, 2016 by Nenita

It is not easy to find a house which you can make your home.

Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many dwelling places (or mansions or rooms in other translations); if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.”
John 14:1,2 NASB

That is a great promise deserving of praise and one that has been a guiding principle in my life…and because of this promise, once upon a time in Menifee, a house became home to me and my family as I held on to Jesus Christ and His promise.

Fifteen years ago, people gave me a quizzical look each time I told them where our home was located. Where in the world is Menifee?!?

My 2017 Birthday, grilling fresh Tilapia with Kim, who on this day got saved along with her sister Lerma, in the love of Christ.

It was March of 2003, and our seventh move in ten years when the Lord finally blessed us with our first house purchase. How can I forget! It was my 49th birthday, the 10th of March, the day we moved into the house which became home for the next few years.

Many memories flood my mind, bringing warmth to my heart because of both joy and sorrow that intertwined to grow me in faith in His grace, to be obedient which allowed me to be just His little one.

I haven’t stopped growing. In the life of going I seem to be glowing more each day as I realize, that it is not by might nor by power, but by His Spirit alone, that Christ is manifested in me in these times of growth, most of which is accomplished through difficulties. The joy of the Lord in me daily is my strength.

Fast forward to 2016…another year of living His life… this time in the heat of this beautiful country endowed with many typhoons, the Philippines! The land of my natural birth.

I moved to California by God’s design and became a naturalized citizen of this great United States of America, a land I have learned to love and cherish now, more than ever. I am a citizen of two nations big and small, and coming into a unique time in history with two new presidents who practically share the same idea of making his country great again.

Here’s a glance at a recent headline from the Asian Journal about President Duterte…read on and see if it sounds familiar.

Asian Journal-Duterte news
Thursday, March 23, 2017
The Filipino Community Newspaper since 1991.
Palace chides NY Times report for ‘well-paid hack job’ report on Duterte

“Stand beside her and guide her with the light that comes from above, God bless America my home sweet home.” I hum this same melody,…God bless the Philippines my home sweet home.

Like Paul, I steadily set my eyes on the goal, the upward call of God which is in Christ Jesus.

Then again, I have a third citizenship and it’s way far better than the first two. Heaven. This is my final destination and soon and very soon I am going to see the King of glory, Lord of Creation, Savior of the world, the Alpha, the Omega.

A birthday treat for me, along with Ryand, Georgie & John at Chow King

I look forward to my permanent home, a city whose Architect and Builder is God. I can’t wait to be in our Father’s House, He has prepared a room for me, for you…a place where there’s no need for the sun nor the moon because Jesus is it’s Light, where the streets are glassy gold and we’re in the company of all the saints sharing in our inheritance together.

Cathy’s birthday on March 24

For now I live in two countries, blessed with two freedoms to exercise certain alienable rights and be responsible for this privilege of possession. Yet the one freedom I can fully enjoy without limits is the freedom I have in Christ Jesus to exercise all my earthly rights, that is to limit my rights to myself that I may win some.
To Tagaytay and beyond…here, there and everywhere, my home sweet home is where Jesus is.

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