The Heart is

Early return…Just want to give you an update so we all can praise and thank the Lord together because our God is great and deserves all the glory for what He is doing to us all. We are so awed at the generous contribution coming from each one of you who have read our previous mail/s and now are reading this, are you? 😇)  

This is ERROL, the oldest of our three boys. 
1. It took a while for Rizty to be convinced by our Lord that he needs to go through this bypass surgery. Yesterday he quietly and confidently said that God is showing him a “new thing” (Rizty just concluded Rev21/22 with CTG, aka Cathy, while on complete bed rest!). That “new thing” is his heart that God has kept pumping over these years beyond its capacity and now needs an overhaul. Because of this conversation with our Father, he declared that he is 100% certain that he is ready emotionally, psychologically, mentally and most of all spiritually to be “cracked open”!)❤️👏❤️

2. We were re-admitted last Thursday for “optimal medical management” prior to his bypass surgery because of some vascular obstruction on the previous two vessels which makes them unviable. Along with Nuclear Imaging scheduled on Tuesday to locate other more viable arteries, the actual quintuple surgery is anticipated for Thursday, maybe Friday, as God☝️ allows the OR slot.

With two of our oldest friends and the two nurses getting Rizty ready for the Nuclear Imaging, which was concluded today after a grueling 4 hours. 🙊Rizty was so tired from it.

3. Hot off the press! Rizty just returned from Nuclear Imaging. He was gone for nearly 4 hours as he went through a battery of tests and waiting. He looked exhausted, and in his own words, “I’m hungry!” Dr. Delfin came by and informed us that he will be reviewing the findings of the NRI they put Rizty through in the morning. After which he would discuss, finally, the best way to proceed with us and the surgeon, Dr Rommel. He is one of the best surgeons, if not the best in the country today. We are blessed to have God’s favor.☝️❤️

BUT Keep praying…👏specially for these three young ones who got to receive the blessed Gospel that Paul preached and I, in turn cannot help myself but seize every opportunity to preach the same. These got saved, praise the Lord during our first admission two weeks ago. They worked at a campus cafe, Rein, Cherry and Ceint.

“…you also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the gift granted to us through many.” 2Cor 1:11😇

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