Where is Tagaytay?

Where is Tagaytay?

The beautiful City of Tagaytay is about 35 miles (55 km) from Manila.

It is a popular destination for local and international visitors, it is an incorporated city with the province of Cavite; its most famous resident, Taal Volcano, can be seen from all around the caldera. Because of its elevation, many take the drive up and spend the day in the city’s cool climate. It has an average temperature of 71-73°F year round.

The total land area covered by the city is 26 square miles. For map aficionados, it is 120° 56’longitude and 14° 6’latitude. Famous Manila Bay is to the north, Taal Lake and volcano to the south, and Laguna to the east.

The Caldera, or ridge has a circumference of 20 miles. The highest point is Mount Sungay (horn) at 2,236 feet. From the ridge, you can catch glimpses of the province of Batangas.

Because of its location, Tagaytay is easily accessible by car, bus, and yes even by jeepneys.

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